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Thinks That Have Never Been Thunk

Genesis 1:6-8 “And God said, ‘Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.’ So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so. God called the vault ‘Sky.’” I was reading the account of Creation in Genesis 1 and I came across that verse. I began to think, what were the logistics there? What did that actually look like? Was there a big ball of water, and God lifted some of it up and it stayed suspended there like a lake above our heads? Was it all in dispersed form like clouds and some of it God compressed which became the water on the earth and some He suspended in the air? How did He figure out the amount of space needed between the waters? How did he know the size the particles of water would have to be in order to stay suspended in the atmosphere? It boggles the mind!

I continued to read and more and more was overwhelmed by one thought. God is creative! What kind of imagination does it take to come up with 4,629 different species of mammals?! Not to mention each and every representative animal in a species is different. What kind of thoughts go into creating a food chain: figuring what animals and plants are food for which other animals and how big the ecosystem has to be in order to perpetually sustain life? And as you look at the giant crystals in the Crystal Cave (Naica, Mexico), or the Grand Canyon, or the rainforest in Africa, or Niagara Falls in Canada, you hear each one of them cry out of the creativity of God.

vs. 26 “And God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…” So at the tail end of creation, as his final flourish of creativity, God created us. In His image. Which leads us to one inevitable conclusion: We are made with creativity inside of us. It’s sown right in. It is intrinsic in our being. You can no more separate a human being from creativity than you can separate the hydrogen from water and still have it be water. Yet some of us don’t believe we are creative. We have defined creativity narrowly and placed ourselves outside of that space. But know this: everyone is creative. Everyone can imagine. Everyone can dream. It is what makes us different from the animals.

Yet we often shy away from creativity, from dreaming. We relegate that to something that was part of our childhood and we have grown out of. We keep our creativity to a minimum because we are afraid that it will lead us to an unexpected place. That we will lose control. Isn’t that the point? If done correctly, creativity WILL lead us to an unexpected place. That’s its power. It allows us to see things we have never seen before, to experience the world from a different perspective. It broadens our minds and hearts. And in times of hardship, in times of despair, we need that! So don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be afraid to imagine, to be creative! Allow yourself to give control to the One that deserves it. Allow yourself to be reckless just a little bit, to think thinks that have never been thunk before and in the midst of all of it to be a little more like your Creator.

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