created for a purpose

Created for a Purpose

Have you ever arrived late at a movie, missing the first ten minutes of the show, and then realize you really don’t get what’s going on in the picture? I have done this very action and realize how disorienting missing the beginning of a movie can be for understanding what...

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just one step

Just One Step

When you make decisions to make or tough challenges to resolve. What is your mindset? Do you think about the immediate future, taking things just one step at a time? Often we try to see into our future with a desire to see how things will all unfold all at...

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the hand of God

The Hand of God

Where are you seeing the hand of God in your life recently? Over the last few months I have received numerous positive comments concerning our series Grace and Brokenness. I believe the positive reception of this series is due to the fact that the stories of Jacob, Joseph, and their...

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difficult choices

Difficult Choices

This week we examine a story riddled with difficult choices. Joseph has been sold into slavery by his brothers and has been purchased by Potiphar who is a high ranking official in the court of Pharaoh.  Joseph is alone, enslaved, many miles from home, been rejected by his siblings, and...

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