Everything we do and say at Solomon’s Porch revolves around God’s Story as revealed in the Bible and how we need to respond to this message. We believe that the Bible is trustworthy and reveals how God has worked out His story from the beginning of time, through history and on into the present. The God of the Story desires to partner with humanity to accomplish his plan and spread his kingdom here on earth and we are privileged and humbled to be a part of that journey. At Solomon’s Porch we desire to engage with God’s Story in three primary ways:


We believe that our lives need to be focused on the pursuit of God and growing in our understanding of His grand Story. Those who seek God will find Him. For those who are not followers of Jesus this means seeking God’s forgiveness in repentance and faith. For those who are followers of Jesus this means seeking God through studying and applying the Bible, prayer and the other spiritual disciplines. We need to understand and wrestle through the mission and message of Jesus because God and His Story must be the primary lens through which we understand the meaning of our own personal lives and stories. As we continue to seek God we will find that his love for us is beyond anything we could have hoped for or imagined.


As we seek God we will begin to understand our role in His grand Story. He has uniquely created, gifted and called each of us to spread His Kingdom. Living out that role isn’t easy and it requires the help and support of other believers in biblical community. Through discipleship and service we desire to develop lives that are full of generosity, holiness, humility and the many other traits that characterized Jesus’s mission, message, and life.


As we live out God’s story it inevitably leads to sharing God, His Story, and His work in our lives with others. The more we understand God’s story and how our story fits into His, the more we will spread God’s freedom and wholeness to others. Sometimes the freedom is spiritual, as they choose to follow Jesus as well, and sometimes it is physical, as we reach into the darkest pits of human existence, care for the oppressed and watch God’s Spirit bring about incredible freedom. Seeing these victories leads us to seek God even more as we grow in an ever-deepening love relationship with Him.


Our Pastors

Pastor Chuck

Chuck Swanson grew up in Western Michigan. His primary roles are teaching, leadership development and vision casting. His favorite Bible verse is II Timothy 2:2 and it sums up his main passion in life: discipleship.

Pastor Jon

Jon Moore works with the daily affairs of the church, overseeing the office, several ministries and pastoral care. He is passionate about helping Christians to read, understand and apply the Old Testament and his favorite Bible verse is Micah 6:8.